No make-up, hair up, no bra - it must be pamper night!


Oh gosh, my very naked face! Tonight I have nothing to do, the boyfriend's in Lancaster, my friends are all busy and I am one lonely blogger. Corrie isn't even on to occupy me so I'm settling for Children In Need which is just making me feel sad, so to make everything seem that little bit better I'm having a mini pampering sesh...with myself. All alone. I may light some candles, really go for it. Make myself feel like a princess.

The makeup is off, the bra's off, the jammies are on, the hair is up and the wine is out. This week has been...stressful to say the least, in fact every week is stressful when you're at Blackburn University (especailly when you don't want to be there, but that's a whole other story) and I need some serious me-time! Tonight I'm going to have an amazing, relaxing bath and then I'm going to be pampering myself with a few of my fave cheap as chip products. 

Pamper Night Essentials 
 A clean towel
✴ A dressing gown
✴ Pajamas
✴ Wine
✴ Candles
✴ Various pamper products of your choice

Tonight I will be using:

✴ Nivea Moisturising Creme - My face is currently absolutely COVERED in this. I love Nivea because their products really do work, as we speak I can feel it hydrating my skin and it feels so silky and soft.

✴ ESPA Skin Radiance Mask - This is going to be step two, basically it's another moisturiser but this time a mask. ESPA are such a great brand and amazingly this radiance mask was a freebie. I can't wait to use it! 

✴ The Body Shop Mango Lip Balm - I need to keep my lips hydrated too, it's just as important! 

✴ Derma V10 Chocolate Body Butter - Ohh my whole body is going to feel so nice and smell so good. This is my favourite ever body butter, it smells gorgeous and it's so cheap to buy. You can get this for £1! 
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  1. Sometimes a nice quiet night is exactly what you need as a refresher! Need to do the same at some point soon! ~
    Watch some disney movies too, if you're into it :)

  2. You're so beautiful without make-up :)
    I really like to read ur blog.
    Greetings from Finland! :)

  3. I'm having one tonight with my two nieces. Pamper sesh is needed all though no doubt i'll be cleaning up after them haha

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  4. hey dear.. very nice blog.. please follow back.. am following thks

  5. You're so naturally pretty :) I love pamper sessions - when I'm bored and home alone I start giving myself makeovers though haha!
    Keep in touch :)
    Andrea xxx

  6. Best nights, I am jealous as I have work 11-3 am -_- Enjoyyy xxx

  7. loved this post! cant believe they brought out a chocolate body butter in that range, so excited!

  8. You know it's some serious pampering when the chocolate is out... especially the one you can't eat :D

  9. Sounds like a lovely night in :) xx

  10. This is making me want to cuddle up by my fire now!


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