Motel Blue Mandala Dress & Boot Out Breast Cancer Night


Last night I went out with the ladies in my family and my sister's friends to a charity event called Boot Out Breast Cancer at a Holiday Inn in Bolton. The night was lovely, filled with drinking, dancing, food and obviously raising money for such a good cause. We'd booked the tickets a few months back in memory of my Nana who died from a female cancer. Female cancers run in our family and many of the wonderful ladies I've known in my life have died from either breast cancer or ovarian cancer, so we thought this charity event would be a great way to raise some money and show some appreciation to those we have lost. When we got there we had champagne upon arrival and got to have a look at loads of cute little stalls which were selling things like candles and bath products. Then we sat down for a two course meal and a few games! It was so much fun and the charity definitely made a lot of money out of us! Towards the end of the night there was a wonderful band that played chart music and in typical drunken Jane style I was first on the dance floor with my shoes off! It was a pretty good night and I didn't get home til after 2am so all in all I would say it was a success! Hopefully Boot Out Breast Cancer made a lot of profit.

For the night I wore the Motel Blue Mandala Dress (here - or you can buy in red here - make sure you use the code MINICHIMP2001), I really adore this dress. It's so cute and perfect for wearing during the day and at night. It's so comfy too and looks great when you can't really be bothered getting dressed and you can just throw it on and feel fabulous without even trying! I wore this with fake Lita boots and very simple makeup and hair. 
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  1. Omg this dress is so lovely!
    I just posted 2 new posts on my blogs, I'd love it if you checked them both out :)
    Laura |

  2. adore the dress!!!

  3. Hello from Spain: nice dress in blue. In my town we also do fundraising for cancer. Last week we organized a sporting career fair. Keep in touch

  4. Gorgeous Dress :) You look fab! Great support for a great cause!

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan


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