Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!

Another (bad) outfit post! Still sucking at outfits of the day (as explained here) but oh well! This is what I wore on Saturday night for Kieron's birthday! As you can probably see, I haven't taken my Jeffrey Campbell's off since I bought them, they literally go with EVERYTHING! They are beautiful and perfect and the best shoes I have ever owned. I am pulling two ridiculous faces in these photos - who the hell do I think I am?! 

My skirt is from Motel (I checked online to see if they still sell it but unfortunately I cannot see it so here is a similar one but a skater skirt instead of bodycon), it reminds me of Beetlejuice so much. I absolutely love it - gothing it up a little bit. My vest top is just a plain £2.50 vest top from Primark, you know the ones I mean! I bet you've got at least 3 in your wardrobe/drawers right now! The bag is also from Primark and I think it was around £4 when I bought it a few months back. 

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  1. I really love this outfit! It's so cute. And you're right about the primark vests ;-) everyone has at least one, I'm sure haha.

    - xoxo

  2. I love that skirt and those boots are lush too! x

  3. One of my roomies said that she was going to be beetle juice for halloween because those pants/ skirts are EVERYWHERE! It's true though, I thought of that right away when I saw them!

  4. Have the same skirt. I love it.
    Still have a pair of Beetlejuice Trousers I got when I was 17 to.

    Jen x.

  5. I love this outfit! I especially love the boots...I am such a fan of the ankle boot :)

  6. I love this outfit! I especially love the boots...I am such a fan of the ankle boot :)

  7. I love your skirt and your shoes
    are just amazing. :)

  8. I LOVE THIS LOOK :) Will defo try use something like. So inspiring :) xx
    Marlene xo

  9. cute outfit ♥ and I love your phone case :3


  10. Love the skirt!! its gorgeous!!


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