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NYX have quickly become one of those brands that I have become absolutely obsessed with. Watching their makeup challenges over the last few weeks - especially Mykie's - Glam&Gore - videos (LOVE HER), it's so great to see how their products can be used and just shows how versatile makeup products can be. Recently I've been loving NYX's Wonder Stick, which is a highlight and contour stick for your face and body. 

This is one of those products that I have been telling everybody about. Anyone who will listen. The other night I kept whipping my Wonder Stick out and giving everyone little makeovers. That's how much I love this product. 

NYX's Wonder Stick is an all in one highlighting and contouring device. One side is the contouring product and the other is a hightlighter. It comes in four shades, neutral - which is a universal shade, light, medium and deep - I used the medium shade as I wanted something that would show up on both my pale skin and when I use fake tan. The shades do seem to run a little on the light side, so I am glad that I went for medium over light or neutral. 

This product is so, so easy to use. There's even a diagram on the outer box packaging that shows you how to use it. Basically you just draw on your face with the contouring stick - so where ever you want cheek bones or shadows, you just draw them on. Then use a brush to blend it all in. Same for the highlighter! It really is that simple, and it really is that effective. The only thing that you really need to know, is how to blend your makeup correctly. 

I loved the contouring stick, it is literally my favourite thing of all time (makeup wise). The texture is so light, the shade matches so well and it's buildable as well, which means I can make certain parts of my face darker if I want to. The highlighter isn't as fantastic but I've still been using it. My main issue with it is the way it feels on my face. It's kind of heavy and a bit sticky. Not only that but the colour isn't that much lighter than my actual skintone, so sometimes it just doesn't show up on my face. It's a bit of a weird one. 

Over all I'm going to give this a big thumbs up, if only for the absolutely brilliant contour side. I have become obsessed with contouring now that I have something that actually works brilliantly. It completely changes your face and I just love tricking people into believing that I actually have cheekbones. It's a great product to use if you are just getting started with contouring and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a convenient and cheap all in one contour product. 

I cannot express enough the love that I have for NYX, everything I have bought from them recently has just been incredible. They've really stepped their game up.

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  1. Sounds nice!!! love contouring!!!


  2. Wow...it sounds so easy! Now I want to buy it :) Honestly, what turned me off about contouring in the past is how long it looked like it would take to create a desired look. This one looks pretty simple. Thanks for sharing!

    xo Azu


  3. This product looks great! Looks like a quick and easy way to create an amazing contour xo



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