Damned - Chuck Palahniuk

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"It's one thing for my parents to behave all secular humanist and gamble with their own eternal souls; however it's altogether not all right that they also gambled with mine: They placed their bets with such self-rightous bravado, but I'm the one who lost."

I've almost finished Damned by Chuck Palahniuk, and I thought I'd just share this brilliant piece of literature with you. I also want to shout at you and tell you to go and buy this book NOW, NOW, NOW! 

Damned is written by the same author who wrote Fight Club and Invisible Monsters. Now if you've read any of Chuck's books before you'll know how bloody brilliant and insightful they are. They also have some crazy plot twists and are complete page turners - this is no different and infact I enjoyed this book more than I did when I read Fight Club. 


"Meet Madison, whip-tongued daughter of a narcissistic film star and a billionaire. Abandoned at a Swiss boarding school over Christmas while her parents are off adopting more orphans. Madison dies of a marijuana overdose and awakes to find herself in Hell, sharing her cell with a motley crew of young sinners that's almost too good to be true. Welcome to the afterlife as only Palahniuk could imagine it - he makes eternal torment, well, simply divine" 

It's so good! It's not only thought provoking but it makes you actually want to go to Hell. It's a fantastic read and I really do hope at least one of you goes out and gets this! 

“It's obsequious little nicety-nice girls like me who allow assholes to run the world: Miss Harlot O'Harlots, billionaire phony tree huggers, hypocrite drug-snorting, weed-puffing peace activists who fund the mass-murdering drug cartels and perpetuate crushing poverty in dirt-poor banana republics. It's my petty fear of personal rejection that allows so many true evils to exist. My cowardice enables atrocities.”

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  1. I haven't read him for yeeeeeaaaars, I used to be obsessed with his books! haven't read this one though, may have to reignite my love! x


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