I'm baaaaaaaaack!

So hey, how are you, hi, it's been two whole months since I last properly blogged. I am ashamed of myself but I think I needed some time away. I've had such a busy two months with moving house, my dissertation and my intern-ship - none of this I could of done if I was worrying about blogging every day! 

It's a quick one really just to say that I will be starting blogging again. I'm sure you've all forgotten about me *sigh* but I promise I'm still here and I will get some decent quality posts out ASAP! 

Thanks for your patience and love,



  1. Welcome back! What are your plans for your blog?

  2. Welcome back and no need to be ashamed! Life is life and if you were busy then that's more than okay :)

    Creepers and Cupcakes

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  4. Don't be silly, we haven't forgotten about you! Can't wait to read your future posts.



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