Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo


I have always been a fan of Aussie's hair conditioners, especially their 3 minute deep repair so when I saw the Aussie range on sale a month or so back I decided to pick up some of their much loved "Miracle Moist Shampoo" and I have to say that this is now my all time favourite shampoo! 

Miracle Moist Shampoo is enriched with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil which infuses moisture into dry and damaged hair (ie. my hair) to help condition and smooth. I absolutely adore the smell of this shampoo, it's probably one of the nicest smelling shampoos ever - sort of a bubble-gummy smell, and the smell lingers on your head for days after you've washed. Which is great really because you'll always have lovely smelling hair. 

It produces a wonderfully thick, rich lather when applied to your hair so a little bit of product can go a long way. The product is so soft that you can feel it moisturising your hair as you lather it up and it feels so nice! Everyone loves a good pampering and it really does make me feel like I'm having my hair done professionally. My hair feels smooth during washing and stays detangled. 

I've found that this shampoo has really improved the condition of my dry hair. Now my hair is soft and manageable, I really don't know how I lived without this shampoo in my life! 
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  1. Aussie hair care has just the best smell! I always buy them just to make my hair my nice. I'll have to lookout for this, it sounds ideal for my hair.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Aussie always make the nicest smelling products, this sounds lovely :) xx

  3. Sounds lovely! I love the 3 minute miracle conditioner, haven't tried any of their shampoos yet though x
    Sweet Dreams

  4. Hello from Spain: great brand. I like aussie miracle. Keep in touch.

  5. ooo this sounds so nourishing!!! i'm usually quite overwhelmed with the number of choices when it comes to shampoos, so reading what everyone else is loving definitely helps me find the good ones out there ;)

    rachel x

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  7. Same my hair is quite dry on my tips will definitely give this a go

  8. I love Aussie hair products, they smell amazing! Great post! xx


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