An Apology - The I'm Back Post


So just over a month ago, I wrote a long blog post about quitting blogging - if you haven't read it you can read it here. I wanted to write the post because I had a lot on my mind, about the blogging community and about how I felt like I no longer belonged in the blogosphere. This last month has been an eye opener for me, I've had email after email from amazing people saying "good luck" or "come back" which has meant the absolute world to me. I've also spoke to so many people - some of them unexpected - about this blog and they have had nothing but good things to say about it. One girl (who is a friend of a friend) came up to me on a night out and told me that she'd read my blog and that I had done a brave thing leaving it behind. Which I appreciated, but then I started to's not a brave thing at all. It's a cowardly thing to do, to give up on something just because sometimes it frustrates you. 4 years of my life down the drain and all because I was feeling upset and moany. I am better than that. Poptarts Beauty is better than that. 

I know that I have said it before but I do really mean it this time - Poptarts Beauty is back. And it's going to be better than ever. I've already started deciding on posts and participating in photoshoots. I'm going to have a proper plan this time, I won't just blog whenever I feel like it. It will be a regular thing and I promise to work hard - not just for you. but for myself.

So I'll leave you with this final thank you, for sticking with me through this last year or so. In fact, thank you for sticking around for 4 whole years. And I'll apologise for being a rubbish blogger and a rubbish friend to the amazing girls I've met online. Things are looking up and it's going to be great. I promise. I just need you to bare with me whilst I get my act together.

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